The Broshim Campus was established as a non-profit institution to train practitioners of Integrative Medicine (IM).  Today, the Broshim Campus is a leader in Complementary Medicine (CM) studies in Israel and applies the concept of “Integrative Medicine”.

The various curricula include an in-depth study of Western medical practices. Some of the study tracks offer an internship in various hospital departments. 

About the Broshim Campus School of Complementary Medicine

Broshim Campus curriculum complies meticulously with the strict standards of all the professional organizations in Israel and those of leading academic institutions worldwide for professional accreditation.  The diverse faculty includes senior lecturers and clinicians in Israel, all of whom have a wealth of therapeutic and pedagogical experience in Complementary Medicine.

The Campus adheres to an in-depth program of study that consist of a broad specialization within the campus’ array of clinics, under the close supervision of leading instructors.

The Specialists’ Clinic at the Broshim Campus is the largest of its kind in Israel, treating over 400 patients per week who enjoy our students’ touch and treatments during their years of internship and residency.  The work at the professional clinic, their initial intake of many of the patients for a series of treatments, accompanied and closely supervised by Inbal Chen, the clinic’s director, the faculty, and senior practitioners, constitutes a highlight in the professional and personal development of our students during their studies. 


The warm and pleasant academic ambiance offers each student family-like attention for their personal development under the very best possible conditions.  Each student is eligible to take a diverse and fascinating array of enrichment courses and electives alongside their set curriculum.

Contribution to the community is among the Campus’s fundamental beliefs, and each year operates an organized volunteer alignment in various medical, rehabilitation, and societal institutions for those students who have completed several years of study.


The Campus also advocates for preserving the environment and awards scholarships to students who choose to contribute and work on behalf of the environment.

According to a survey conducted in 2019 among active Integrative Medicine practitioners in Israel, it was found that more than 80% of Campus graduates, working full or part-time in the profession that they had studied. Beyond being a direct and natural byproduct of years of cooperation between the Campus and the country’s HMOs, this impressive figure is, above all else, the fruit of our graduates’ professional achievements as therapists in the labor market. 

Beyond the acquired knowledge, professional and clinical experience, students who have progressed in their studies enjoy specialty coaching and business training workshops at no additional cost. 


Every year, the Campus offers a wide range of courses, workshops, and conferences for graduates from recognized schools interested in expanding the “toolbox” and becoming more professional in their field of therapy.


Thanks to all this and more, the Broshim Campus was selected in a survey conducted among therapists and alumni – as the most recommended school for Complementary Medicine studies and the school to which they would return to study if required. The faith, affection, and warmth exhibited by our graduates and leading therapists in the field is the essence of this sacred endeavor for us all.  


Note: All of the proposed tracks are non-academic tracks and are taught solely in certificate studies. 

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